What they say about us

Breakfasts beautifully presented in exquisite china and glass together with the stories behind the food.

jowirdnam 30 Oct 2017

The lovely old house is filled with antiques and all the suites are amazing, scrupulously clean, and comfortable with top class furnishings!

Lesley P 27 Oct 2017

Your hosts welcome you to their lovely house and treat you like royalty with divine Greek breakfasts and a wealth of information.

Lesley P 27 Oct 2017

Their passion for the island and their impeccable taste means that if you just commit yourself to their care and advice, you will have a perfect time

antoniobanditos 25 Oct 2017

They accommodated our difficult food allergies with aplomb.

georgiaisobel 24 Oct 2017

Breakfast amazing in creativity and care and drinks in the courtyard (house wines are selected with great discernment)...

CSugarman 23 Oct 2017

World-class hosts and delightful people to spend time with. If you let them, they will ensure you make the most of your time on the island.

CSugarman 23 Oct 2017

The 600-year old intricately restored property was a jaw-dropping luxury experience in itself

karenvH4977KO 21 Oct 2017