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Ευγενικό, χαρούμενο, γελαστό προσωπικό. Άριστη οργάνωση, πληροφορίες...

Κουλης Π, TripAdvisor, Οκτώβριος 2016

We were looking for something special and certainly weren't disappointed.

David B., Derry, United Kingdom, TripAdvisor September 2015

Hands down the best!

Nikos M., July 2015, Booking.com

This was the most beautiful and wonderfully situated hotel I've ever stayed at. 

Rezilli, Johabbesburg, TripAdvisor September 2015

We have truly never stayed in such a gorgeous place. 

Tricia8134, Zurich, TripAdvisor, October 2015

Excellent reception by the owners and best breakfast of any hotel we have been to

Pedro Delclaux, New York City, TripAdvissor, September 2016

Incredible experience.  A huge thank you from the whole family!

Alexanic, Johannesburh, TripAdvisor, September 2015