What they say about us

Un diamant dans un bel écrin.

Martine M.,  TripAdvisor, May 2015

Everything with a Greek touch, that gives the perfect impression and spirit of ...

Anna Antonova, Russia, Booking.com, September 2016

Los bellos objetos que amueblan y decoran el hotel.

Vera Milovic, Argentina, Booking.com, 6 April 2015

…the breakfast, better described as a culinary escape then an actual meal.

JustJulieNYC, 5 Jun 2017, TripAdvisor

Einfach super. Danke nochmals an Euch Beide. Gerne kommen wir wieder.

Κorneliagoertz, Switzerland, TripAdvisor, November 2016

Topping all our Greek travel experiences. I would recommend it to everyone. 

Celine N. August 2015, travelled with family

Best bed and pillows I have ever had. Fantastic retreat, a wonderful experience.

Heatons Traveller, UK, TripAdvisor, May 2015

They care 100% about you, their guest and want to make sure you have the best...

Hanna-Alex-Pikku, Frankfurt, TripAdvisor, August 2016