Read below:
  • About your transfer from & to the Airport or Port
  • Suggestions for our guests who wish to arrive in a rental car
  • How to find your way to the hotel


When you firstly arrive, finding the way to the Old Town and the right Gate can be confusing.

We suggest that upon arrival you get a taxi. This will be the fastest and easiest way to get to the hotel. 
It can be done in 2 ways:
1.  Have a taxi arranged to pick you up at the terminal and bring you to our doorstep.
The fare is €36 (airport) or €17 (port), payable to the driver. Prices include 45min. waiting time (in case of a delayed arrival) and driving to our doorstep INSIDE the Old Town .
The driver (English-speaking and licensed to drive in the Old town) will be at the arrival gate with your name on a sign and help you with your luggage.
To have this service and avoid a possible mix-up,  please contact CHRISTOS directly. 
He is a taxi owner-driver, who leads a small group of selected colleagues.
You need to contact him at least 48 hours prior to your arrival with all necessary details: name, mobile phone number, flight number / name of ferry, origin, arrival time.

Email: [email protected]  Mobile: +30 6946103929

We strongly recommend this kind of transfer, which, most of the times, is well worth the price difference.
NOTE: Taxis in Rhodes are not equipped to accept credit cards. If you don't have cash when you arrive, we will gladly pay the driver for you.
The biggest cars that can drive through the gates are Mercedes sedans.
They take up to four adult passengers and a reasonable volume of luggage. If necessary, a second car needs to be booked. Mini-vans do not enter the Old Town.
2.  Get one of the taxis found at the terminal. They charge €25 (airport) and €10 (port).
You may have to wait in line for a while, if there are many arrivals at the same time. These are perfectly good taxis, but DON'T DRIVE INSIDE THE OLD TOWN. You will be dropped off at St. John’s Gate, 120m from the hotel.
It is an easy walk, especially if your luggage is light or has wheels
PLEASE NOTE: If you arrive on a ferry or a yacht, it may NOT be necessary to take a taxi: 
You will disembark at a distance of 900m to 1.200m from the hotel.
If the day is not too hot and your luggage not too heavy, you can walk through the Old Town, entering from the gate nearest where your ferry dropped you off.
Also note:
  • BUSES connecting the airport and Rhodes Town travel almost every half hour. A one-way ticket costs €2.60. The bus stop is 300m from the terminal. Journey time to the city of Rhodes is around 40 minutes. HOWEVER, from the bus station you will need to walk to the hotel (20 min, 1.5 km) or take a taxi to St. John’s Gate (€5). Finding a taxi can be challenging during the tourist season.
  • No buses run from the port to the hotel.

We strongly advise you AGAINST this kind of transfer.

Although we encourage all our guests to rent cars as the best and easiest way to enjoy more of what Rhodes has to offer, at the same time, we let them know that:
Some of the reasons are:
As soon as you decide that you actually need to rent a car, we can ask a company of your choice to deliver one at the hotel.
Please note that driving your car into the Old Town is not allowed.
Our guests' cars need to be parked outside the Old Town, in the area near St. John's Gate. Parking there is free and safe.
IMPORTANT: See our MAP about where NOT TO PARK every Wednesday night: on Thursdays there is an Open Market on the little square near the Gate. 

Our Hotel is 120m from the GATE OF St. JOHN or "KÓKKINI PORTA", as the locals call it. 
KÓKKINI PORTA ROSSA is a building with a roofed balcony and a red door that can't be missed.
OR, if you are already staying with us, 
  • press the "BACK TO THE HOTEL" button on our tablet
Don’t hesitate to email or call us on (0030) 6945953895 or (0030) 22410 75114 about anything that will make your vacation better.
See you soon