Basically, you'll want to Instagram everything in sight.

Lots of tourists passing by stop to stare and wonder if this is a museum. The property however is initimate, with only five suites, and designed to feel like you've stepped into someone's home.
My husband and I stayed at the Kokkini Porta Rossa during the last leg of our five-city tour of Greece, and it was without a doubt the highlight of our vacation.
Prepare to really experience Rhodes!
I'll have to try to be methodical about this review so it doesn't just dissolve into an effusive babble of "OMGs" and "AMAZINGs" (but omg it really is amazing).
The hotel: As other reviewers have mentioned, it's a lovingly restored building in the Old Town. Every room and space is cozy and comfortable, but just beautifully appointed. Every common area is open for lounging, and my husband I have whiled away late afternoons with books & cigars (husband) in the courtyard, or with a game of dominos and a cocktail in the "living room."
The proprietor and proprietress: When you first set foot in the hotel and see Nikos and Angela, you'll be like, gosh they are so chic and have such great taste, should I be treading on their lovely Persian rug with my disgusting tennis shoes?!?! And then they say "welcome!" and you surrender yourself to the sweetest and warmest couple who during your stay will coddle you, teach you Rhodes history, admonish you for not eating enough at breakfast, even get up at 4AM to make sure you're in a taxi at 5AM to catch your flight. Not to mention, they had great recommendations for tour guides, sightseeing, restaurants, shopping, etc. They truly went way above and beyond in their hospitality.
On most vacations, you sort of check-in to a hotel, do a variety of touristy things, then check-out and leave. If you stay at the Kokkini Porta Rossa prepare to feel like you're living with your Rhodian family and really experience Rhodes!
Truly a (gorgeous) home away from home!

Stacie W., TripAdvisor, June 2015
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