They care 100% about you, their guest and want to make sure you have the best...

...time possible. We have travelled extensively over the last 10 years, but we can safely say this has been, if not the best, a unique, wonderful, impeccable accommodation experience for us.

Too good to be true, yet... it's true.
Nikos and Angela are, in many ways, as marvelous hosts as any guest could hope for. Why that is the case is really simple, but, then again, it's, at the same time, not that simple (otherwise, we would be full of Kokkini Porta Rossa type of hotels):
- They love what they do and they have the knowledge, the patience, the attention to detail and the collaborators to deliver top-notch service on all fronts one could (and could not) think of;
- They care 100% about you, their guest, and they want to make sure you have the best time possible both while on premises as well as when exploring the beauties of wonderfully multifaceted Rhodes, the Emerald island. Here, we could not emphasize enough that when we say "best time possible", we mean the best time possible adjusted to each and every guest's personality, wishes, needs, even idiosyncrasies.
There you have it, the perfect combination!
Let us mention some highlights from our stay in Kokkini Porta Rossa:
Location: Ideal, within the city walls of the breathtakingly atmospheric Rhodes Old Town, but also in a tranquil corner, enjoying just enough distance from the busy and noisy (but oh so charming) heart of the Old Town
Rooms: Empathize with the lifestyle of a high-ranking official of the Ottoman Empire or even a medieval knight while surrendering yourself to the pampered luxuries of your meticulously designed and painstakingly restored suite
Breakfast: Enjoy the delicious, creative, healthy, Greek cuisine based goodies prepared by the kitchen in the magnificently archetypal Greek island yard of Kokkini Porta Rossa and allow yourself to be surprised (never negatively, though) by the menu changes introduced on a daily basis.
Experiencing Rhodes Island: Talk to Nikos and Angela, let them know what you are after / craving for and take advantage of their useful suggestions and tips to enjoy your days in Rhodes to the fullest.
On top of the above, there are so many more perks and little nice surprises to further delight you, but we should stop here, otherwise people may think our critic is all but biased! :)
In sum, if you are planning your holiday in Rhodes, consider very seriously Kokkini Porta Rossa for your stay. If you do so, we guarantee you will not regret it!

Hanna-Alex-Pikku, Frankfurt, TripAdvisor, August 2016
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