The Kokkini Experience – as I have termed it – is one of a kind.

A luxurioys unique residence, yet without any pretense and pomp. It felt as if you had been invited to spend some time in someone’s beautiful home...
Angela and Nikos were attentive, yet unobtrusively so.  Sitting readon in my room one afternoon, I was delighted to hear the baby grand piano being gently and expertly played by their son – Paris, home for the Easter vacations from studying Classical Music. 
I have come away thoroughly relaxed, and have made new friendships. During my stay I wouldn’t hesitate to ask anything of Angela and Nikos: bicycle rental, the best places to walk around the Old Town, the history of the building and to even get to know the people themselves (after all, it’s the human quality we’re all interested in, and this is what makes Kokkini Porta Rossa so unique…it manages to mix professionalism without being remote and distant).

Life Beyond Borders ( http://www.lifebeyondbordersblog.com ) April 15, 2015.
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