One of the most special hotels in the world. Our biggest regret is that we didn't ...

... budget more time for Rhodes and for Kokkini Porta Rossa. Yes, this is not an inexpensive place to stay. But we consider value rather than price when we travel.

We were on our way to stay with friends on Lipsi (highly recommended) and knew the accommodations would be a bit rugged, so we decided to treat ourselves to a luxurious night at what we thought would be a nice hotel in Old Town. From the moment we set foot in the hotel, Nikos (and later Angela) made us feel welcome. Nikos knew we didn't have a lot of time to explore the city and he provided us with a quick itinerary as well as recommendations of what to see and what to avoid--and gave us a tablet to use so we could navigate as we wandered around. Our room was actually a suite with a sitting area, a huge bedroom, and one of the most dramatic and lovely bathrooms I've ever seen. We were not only allowed but encouraged to eat from the complementary mini-bar (which we did!) and Angela was kind enough to wake up early to make me a fresh cup of coffee to take on our journey onward. The exceptional attention to detail that the owners bring to this venture, the beautiful location, and the sense of peace and authenticity that you find here--especially given that Rhodes is a touristy, hot, busy place in the summer--makes it a welcome respite and well worth the investment

Marjorie F, TripAdvisor, August 1, 2017
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