A completely unique experience - unlike any other boutique establishment.

The 13 century residence of a knight. You can expect to see Kokkini Porta Rossa restored to its former glory, with modern touches and attention to the smallest detail...
...and yet amongst all the sophistication, one does not feel the 'stuffiness' of such an upmarket establishment.
Quite the opposite: Nikos and Angela make you feel at home, a part of an extended family.
I had the marvellous opportunity to stay in Kokkini Porta Rossa for 3 nights in April. This unique boutique establishment offers only 5 rooms - no, not rooms, apartments: one on the ground floor with doors leading out onto the enclosed courtyard, and 4 on the first floor...
My apartment was 52 square meters and all apartments come with a separate living area, bedroom and bathroom, most are galleried i.e. stairs leading to the sleeping area.
I had 2 living areas really, plus the private balconied area (as seen in the main picture here) where the Turkish women used to congregate to watch the goings in in the street below - without being seen.
Always tell the owners your preferences - they will go out of their way to accommodate you. Predominantly the place is in a lovely, quiet location - alas it's a thoroughfare for motor bikes, which is only really noticeable during the daytime.

Rebecca Hall, Athens, TripAdvisor, 7 April 2015
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