The reviews here don't lie: it is an outstanding place to stay!

I would say that this was one of the most wonderful places I have ever stayed in and we will definitely come back!
TIP: BOOK DIRECTLY (more benefits + why should you book elsewhere that at the hotel itself?) 
We're a young couple from Belgium and stayed a week in Rhodes. We wanted to escape our resort hotel for one night, so we looked on Tripadvisor what there is on in the old town. We found this beautifully looking small hotel and decided to give it a try. I called the hotel and made the booking, the voice of the answering person was already very welcoming.  There are already a lot of descriptions from people, so I'm going to point out the things we appreciated the most: 
- REAL people welcoming you in a REAL place in a heartwarming manner. Not the standard, cold, repeated check-in in a big chain hotel...
- The housemade welcomedrink and the explanations in the garden, together with Nicos and Angela at one table, like we've been friends since years (I like that approach!!) 
- Beautifully furnished rooms kept in the real Greek style, with all the comfort you can imagine (free minibar, nice and warm lighting, wonderful bathroom with a beautiful bathtub, the atmosphere, big double bed, good quality biologic and without paraben guest supplies, etc, etc,.) 
-The DETAILS every-where! You can see that there's been a lot of 'thinkwork' and plans to start a hotel like this. From the very beginning, starting at the entrance, everything is good: the nice smell of parfumes, the flowers, the paitings, the antique wardrobes, ... Entering the hotel a lovely saloon where you can rest and read books and do what you want, open the whole night at your disposition. The wonderful backyard where the breakfast takes place, EVERYTHING!! 
-The BREAKFAST fully à la carte, that is what Angela had made for that day. All so simple, but unique, delicious and fresh. And the Greek yoghurt, mmm! 
-The fact that they really want to help you with all kind of INFORMATION (visiting, restaurants, even medicines, etc.). They know what you are looking for and personalize your requests. They want you to have a really nice stay :-) A more personal help. 
Angela & Nicos, keep on going, hard work, love and dedication always pay off. 

Greetings from Belgium, 
Savanna & Guillaume
(wish we were with you again :-))

Savanna & Guillaume, Belgium, TripAdvisor, October 15
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