What they say about us

Even just walking to the hotel through the ancient walls was a daily wow moment.

Paula A, UK, TripAdvisor, 5 Nov 2019

Hanno creato qualcosa di speciale e magico. Li porteremo sempre nel cuore.

giovanna250 26 Sep 2018

It is a work of genius, and by far my best hotel experience. 

Grant, Mercer Island, Booking.com, April 2015

...you know you have come to an exceptional hotel, when your fellow guests are acting like children in a toy shop.

Wander628908, TripAdvisor, 10 Oct 2019

World-class hosts and delightful people to spend time with.

CSugarman 23 Oct 2017

No request is too high or low for them.

LaylaBlu, TripAdvisor, 22 Sep 2019

You should be running our Country...

Julie Friedman Koffler, NYC, USA, Email, November 2016

Kókkini Porta Rossa is in a class of its own! These folks are serious hoteliers.

JustJulieNYC 5 Jun 2017