What they say about us

They are proud of the island and want to share its beauty... 

Melita Law, Hong Kong, 12 April 2015

Un diamant dans un bel écrin.

Martine M.,  TripAdvisor, May 2015

They couldn't have been more practically helpful. Really useful advice - all tailored to us.

Martin R 28 May 2018

For travelers of good taste, that love art, food and to be the center of a lot of attention.

JMarcosTreiger, TripAdvisor, 14 Aug 2019

Ein Traum. Herrlich!

Gisi, Germany, Booking.com, May 2017

Τhe breakfast is better described as a culinary escape than an actual meal.

JustJulieNYC, 5 Jun 2017, TripAdvisor

Its extraordinary appeal is because of its people: the most solicitous hosts to each and every guest.

Grammycoco 1 Jul 2017

It’s a place where to slow down and appreciate your surroundings. It’s a place to unwind. It would be sinful not to share it.

Thisishowitwas, TripAdvisor, 26 Sep 2019