Land, water, food and fuel were always used wisely in the densely built Medieval Town of Rhodes, where people of different faiths and cultures lived side-by-side.

The walled city has been the home of thousands in times of peace and a refuge to even more during long sieges and wars.

The buildings now housing KÓKKINI PORTA ROSSA belonged for centuries to families whose way of living can be used as a model of autonomy, sustainability and social consciousness:

Little was used, nothing was wasted, no harm was done.

People cared for their surroundings, lived respectfully and were concerned about their neighbors’ wellbeing.

We try to follow their footsteps by:



Our staff, suppliers, businesses and individuals whose services or products we source, share with us the same points of pride:

You are welcome to enjoy your days in Rhodes, our home island.

We are passionate about it and happy to help you see it in a way you may otherwise miss.

Walk lightly.

Our way to a "Good For All" Hospitality: