MICHALIS was built around 1350, as part of the Knight’s house that stood where our hotel now is. 
Its vaulted roof, stone wall and oak gate are what a visitor sees first when entering the Old Town from the Gate of St. John.
St. John’s church (our hotel’s chapel) was also part of the same building.
The house, with the exception of the church, was almost totally destroyed in 1500, as a result of the knights’ plans to reinforce the defense wall.
Their plans were interrupted by the Ottomans, who conquered Rhodes in 1522.
St. John’s church was soon turned into a mosque and Ahmet Ağa, 250 years later, used the materials and the location to build his mansion. The little vaulted building was donated to the mosque and became the house of its Imam.
Turks left in 1912. For the next 40 yers Michalis, a young carpenter from Symi island, used the empty building as a workshop and a home for his family.
Michalis and his wife died, while their children left for more promissing countries.
After having fallen in disrepair, the vault finally collapsed in 2008.
We always felt that the little derelict building was part of Kókkini Porta Rossa and that it had to be brought back to life.
Locally quarried sand-stone was used in the exact way it was done 700 years ago to rebuild the vault and the walls.
Lime, pumice and volcanic porcelain, mixed in a way unique to our islands, are what we plastered the walls with.
Floors, doors and furniture are made of reclaimed oak beams, salvaged ceramic tiles, forged iron and old carpenter tools that we managed to save.
MICHALIS stands proud again, reflecting our respect for the building’s past and for the humble carpenter and family man.
The suite’s 37 sq. m. single-space interior is on ground level and has been decorated in harmony with the building’s interesting past.
Its bathroom features a “rainfall” walk-in shower, a marble antique sink, 1920’s lamp and mirror.
The 45 sq. m. private garden, with a soaking tub, an old olive tree, a plethora of aromatic plants and herbs, lies in the shadow of the castle’s wall.
MICHALIS is designed to accommodate two guests.
In the privacy of their garden they can listen to the drops falling from the old tap at the foot of the castle, watch the birds flirting in the olive tree’s branches and enjoy the discreet scent of the herbs.