Before reading our Covid-19 spread prevention practices, you may be interested in this:

Covid tests on-site

In case a PCR or Antigen test is required before your departure

If no arrangements have been made, you can take the test in the hotel.

Thanks to our agreement with Rhodes Medical Care, you only need to let us know as soon as you can.


Tap on the links. Our tablet is pre-programmed to show you the way. We can help you make an appointment and provide the details you need.

If your test has already been arranged, we will help you find your way to where your sample collection will be done.


KÓKKINI PORTA ROSSA is a holder of the "HEALTH FIRST " Certificate.


Issued by the Greek Ministry of Tourism, it proves our hotel's compliance with the Greek Government's and W.H.O.'s health protocols.

We will do our best for you to have a safe and comfortable stay, as well as a memorable "Rhodes Experience". 

READ BELOW about what we do for the safety of all under our roof and how your stay may be affected. Feel welcome to ask questions and make suggestions.

All persons working in the hotel

Log. Guests' & Visitors' Personal Data

A log is kept with the names, contact details and dates of presence in the hotel for all employees, guests, suppliers, technicians, and other individuals entering the hotel. Its content will only be made available to the competent authorities for the tracking and tracing procedure in the event of a potential case.

Front Office & Concierge

Members of our staff working in the Front Office and the Concierge take all reasonable measures to maintain the required physical distancing at all times. They also use personal protective equipment when necessary.

They can provide information regarding our policy, equipment, measures taken, doctors, pharmacies, hospitals etc.

They also can recognize possible symptoms and report immediately to the person responsible for applying the emergency procedure.

All surfaces are disinfected several times a day.

Dispensers with antiseptic gel and face masks are freely available to guests, visitors and staff.

Check-in is at 11:00 and check-out at 15:00, so that our staff has enough time for the suite's sanitization and disinfection between guests.

Check-in and check-out are performed in the garden.

All arriving guests' luggage is UVC disinfected. No damaging or dangerous chemicals are used.

A Registration Form is filled and signed by the lead guest of each reservation. Names and contact details of all guests are necessary. Its content will only be made available to the competent authorities for the tracking and tracing procedure in the event of a potential case.

Payments are made via credit card or bank transfer. Precautions are taken when cash needs to be used.

Room keys are disinfected before being handed to guests.

During guests’ stay, no visitors (except technicians needed for repairs and maintenance) are allowed in the suites at any time.


Our guests are asked upon arrival whether they object to their suite being cleaned during their stay with us.

All regular housekeeping is performed according to directive 19954/20.03.20 of the Greek Ministry of Health.

In the event of a suspected case, housekeeping is performed according to directions by the Greek National Public Health Organization.

Special care is shown regarding the cleaning and sanitization of public indoor and outdoor areas, as well as the disinfection of "high risk" objects (door handles, staircase handrails, garden furniture, a/c units etc.). 

Rooms will be cleaned, aired, and sanitized daily, unless our guests object to our staff entering their room.

Bed linen and towels will be changed every two days (or more often if needed), unless our guests prefer that our staff does not handle their linen and towels.

All rooms (including their a/c units) are thoroughly disinfected before every arrival.

Steam cleaners, UVC sterilizers, high efficiency detergents and disinfectants are used.

Our turndown service has been discontinued.

Decorative bed covers, furniture covers, drapes and curtains are disinfected daily with the use of a steam cleaner and UVC light.

After guests' check-out from a room and before new guests' check-in, all surfaces and objects are meticulously cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected.

Windows are left open for natural ventilation. Windows are also left open after each room's daily cleaning.

Bed Linen, Towels, Laundry

Our guests are asked upon arrival whether they object to their bed linen & towels being changed during their stay with us.

Members of our staff use appropriate protective gear when handling laundry.

Used linen, towels and cloths are carried in approved sealed sacks. Sacks are disinfected after every use.

Washed linen, towels and cloths are kept in separate areas from the used ones.

All bed linen and towels are washed with high-efficiency detergents in temperatures exceeding 70C.

We often visit the premises of the company we have trusted with our laundry. Building, equipment, machinery, materials, and vehicles are carefully inspected. We ask to be shown their most recent inspection certificates.

Your accommodation preferences in view of COVID-19 (Required by G.G. Directive 1881/2020)

​If you have no objection to our staff entering your suite and getting in touch with your belongings, there is no need to do or say anything.

HOWEVER, please let us know (before your arrival) if you and your party wish that:

In that case, please note that it will not be possible to perform the following:

You are welcome to change your decision at any time during your stay. If your decision is known to us by 12:00, we will respond the same day.

Food & Drinks. Preparation

HACCP principles are being applied in our food and drinks storage, handling and preparation.

Foodstuffs, groceries, and other goods delivered for use in our kitchen are received and handled by authorized members of our staff using protective gear.

Only authorized persons, holders of appropriate health certificates, can enter our food and drinks storage and preparation areas.

Physical distancing is maintained to the extent possible.

Food & Drinks. Presentation and Serving

Food and drinks are prepared and served in compliance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations.  

Our staff members hold appropriate health certificates, have been trained for the COVID-19 situation and take all appropriate measures.

Table linen, cutlery, pottery, glasses, silverware, and serving utensils are meticulously cleaned and washed in the highest possible temperatures, using high-efficiency detergents.

All surfaces and furniture are cleaned and sanitized several times a day and after every use. 

Where possible and necessary, steam and UVC sanitization is applied.

Common Areas. Salon, Lobby, Dining Room, Garden

All surfaces, furniture and decorative objects are cleaned and sanitized several times a day.

Furniture has been arranged so that physical distancing can be easily maintained (suggested: 4 persons / 10 sq.m.).

Dispensers for hand sanitizing gel are accessible to all. Face masks are complimentary offered on request.

Drinking Water, Household Water, Drainage

Directive 6632/21.4.2021 and ESGLI Guidance for building water systems are followed.

Additionally, our own system of water filtration and sanitization is in place. It exceeds above directives’  requirements.

Air conditioning and Ventilation

Directive 6632/21.4.2021 is followed.

The a/c units' operation system has been modified so that their operation continues while doors and windows are open. 

All common areas' a/c units are thoroughly disinfected every morning, while the ones in rooms are disinfected every three days and before every arrival.

At least two windows in every room are left open after the room’s daily cleaning. Room windows are also left open between departures and arrivals.

Common indoor areas are naturally ventilated at all hours.   


We have chosen a small number of proven professionals for our guests' transfers.

They are individuals (not companies) who own and drive their own taxis and minibuses. They have been proven to be quite reliable in every way.

If your arrival transfer is arranged with one of the taxis we have chosen to recommend, the driver will give you a small bag we prepared for you. In case you wish to use them, its contents include hand sanitizer and face masks.



We are always happy to answer your questions and listen to your suggestions.


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