We came back for a week in the same year.

I didn't think Nikos and Angela could improve the experience here, and yet they did.

Your stay now includes use of a tablet with a SIM card, meaning you have access to data anywhere on the island. Nikos and Angela have put together a collection of "must-sees" and "must-dos" for you to hit the high points on the island not not feel like you've missed something. Are you wondering where to get the best Italian food that's not a tourist trap? Refer to the app, and go eat with the locals. That's the beauty of this wonderful resource: you'll feel like a local. This is the only hotel in the world I have seen this, and this is the only hotel in the world where I am comfortable walking barefoot in my room. And this is the only hotel in the world I've ever stayed where I left with a sense of melancholy that I would miss my room and my hosts.

notbueller, Chicago, TripAdvisor, Sptember 2016
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