It was an incredibly personal way to travel and we were spoiled by the experience

A & N provided not only the best hospitality, they also inform you on how to visit Rhodes as if you were a local on your day off. Not to go overboard, but our hearts were full after we left...

… and I can't wait to recommend Kokkini Porta Rossa to my family.

This was without a doubt the most enjoyable vacation I have ever had. When my wife and I decided to visit Rhodes, we knew that we wanted to treat ourselves. After a minor amount of research, it was no question that we would choose Kokkini Porta Rossa. The glowing reviews pull you into their site and you can't help but think that they are somewhat fabricated. After spending a week there, I will say they are all true and in all honesty Kokkini may be underrepresented. If you are not already convinced to choose this place for your next getaway, please let me sway your opinion. I've wanted to visit Greece, and specifically Rhodes my entire life. My great grandparents were from there and I had heard about the beauty and richness of Rhodes for years. Angela and Nikos provided not only the best hospitality, they also inform you on how to visit Rhodes as if you were a local on your day off. Location: Right next to the Gate of St John, you are meters away from getting out of the walled city and just minutes getting to Old Town. Charming to say the least, you feel like you were transported back in time when you walk through the cobblestone streets. It was quiet, safe, secluded, and easily accessible. Accommodations: Every morning was a breakfast catered SPECIFICALLY to you. I am a foodie, a self-proclaimed obsesser of all that is food. To say I was excited about visiting Greece and sampling all the local cuisine is an understatement. Angela and Nikos are world travelers themselves, they understand what a good meal is. Every morning started off with a Breakfast that would put your favorite metropolitan restaurant to shame. From the home-made jams, breads, and pastries to the variety of Greek treats (1 different sweet and savory delicacy every morning), the food was phenomenal. A fresh pressed juice accompanied your breakfast along with traditional Greek Yogurt + local honey, nuts, and fruit. This all came with the caffeine fix of your choice--coffee, Greek traditional coffee, or Espresso. Wildcard: My wife and I like to maximize our vacations. We want to ensure that we don't miss any critical museum, sight, or restaurant when we go somewhere new. Let me explain to you why Kokkini makes this goal of ours even easier. Kokkini Porta Rossa provides you with an Android Tablet that comes equipped with 4g and internet access. This Android is given to you at the beginning of the trip which enables you to have a GPS at your fingertips, as well as access to the internet. But wait, that's not all! Nikos has created an APP that he can CURATE future or daily itinerary on the fly for you. For example, my wife and I wanted to Road Trip to Lindos and we mentioned it to Nikos the day prior to our outing. The common phrase that we started joking to one another was his response "I'll put it on your tablet". Within minutes we cycle through to his easy to use, accessible app, and select our specific Room which has all his recommendations on it. "Lindos" is one of the selections. Once selected you are provided with GPS directions, restaurant recommendations (and gps coordinates) within Lindos, sightseeing locations ON THE WAY to the location, and things to do once you come back. Our room accommodations themselves were impeccable, we were fortunate enough to stay in Irini, which was a 1 room + loft with plush King Size mattress and a beautiful bathroom. The courtyard is so peaceful and to top it off, every evening we were greeted with a plethora of beverages and treats at our disposal. While on our trip Nikos suggested a Tour Guide that he stood behind. We were skeptical, but it was one of the best decisions we made on our journey. We learned so much about the history of the city and our guide even did a little ad hoc ancestry work and located some of my long-lost relatives. The cherry on top was when we visited the Jewish Memorial and Synagogue where my Great Grandfather visited and discovered the names of relatives that were all but lost.

Thanks Nikos and Angela!

Josh and Anna

Josh S., USA, TripAdvisor, July 2018
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