This experience stole my heart!

In general, I'm always on the go, and my job gives me a lot of responsibility ... for the first time in a long time, I felt completely taken care of, that I didn't have to worry about anything.

I had read some great TA reviews so there was no question that I wanted to stay at Kokkini Porta Rossa, but even having high expectations, my stay exceeded these. Nikos and Angela are such warm fantastic people that I've decided to adopt them as my Aunt and Uncle (whether they like it or not!). They sent recommendations on how to get to the hotel from the airport and I decided to contact Christos, who was one of their suggestions. Christos is charming, speaks English well and got me right up to the door of the hotel. From there Nikos and Angela took charge - starting me off with hibiscus tea (with an orange juice ice cube!) as I sat in the lovely outdoor seating area where breakfast is served. They checked me in, and Nikos gave me a tour of my BEAUTIFUL room. I'm somewhat hesitant to even tell you how great everything is, because I absolutely want to go back and worry that there will be no availability for me, as this is THE place to stay. My room was newly remodeled so I didn't have too much of a sense of it before arriving (there's lots of great pics on their site now) but it was very spacious and I had my own private back deck area which was fun to go out at night and relax. As they say on the website, they give you a pre-populated tablet with recommendations on things to do, restaurants, etc. but they also got to know me and my interests and tailored ideas towards that. Breakfast was very thoughtful and Angela took extra steps to make the food not just taste but look beautiful. Nikos encouraged me to try taking the bus (since I refused to drive) and go to Lindos and Kalithea - both gorgeous areas that were amazing to explore. And the 'homing' button on the tablet was wonderful because the windy streets in the old town confused me and this helped me not feel lost. Each evening I had a nice glass of white wine and talked with my fabulous hosts before heading out to a great recommended restaurant - one night, their younger son even played the piano while we talked (he is very talented).

Please tell Nikos and Angela that Jill sent you :)!

Jill567. TripAdvisor, July 30, 2017
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