My wife is blind. This was a surprise to them, but they made a beautiful handrail in our suite within 3 hours.

60 years of happy marriage.Diamond Anniversary. Personal message from the Queen.What do you do that is personal and very special.We decided on a stay in the old medieval walled town of Rhodes. The place settled we then looked for a special hotel,Did we find it?We certainly did and I find it difficult to come up with the adequate words to praise the hotel,staff,and the patrons Angela &Nikos.

This small boutique hotel has been expertly and lovingly renovated bringing all the amenities up to top class modern requirements while retaining the charm and style of an earlier era. Nikos has installed many of his own antiques and these add to the overall feel and ambience of the hotel.

Because of our age we probably needed more assistance than a younger couple would. But assistance was always at hand to be shown or even taken to restaurants etc.The restaurateurs were primed of our arrival and on several occassions walked us home through the narrow cobbled streets.This is called service..

The breakfast at the hotel was always different and a cameo of Angelas And Chef Denises skills with special care and attention paid to special dietary requirements. In the afternoon returning tired from a day out Helen was always present to take care of you which she did in a very expert and personal manner.

It would be possible to keep piling on the superlatives and there would still not be enough to truly portray this beautifull hotel,its patrons and staff.I would truly recommend Kokkina Porta Rossa to anyone if they are looking for a hotel that lacks nothing.

Our strongest recommendation is that health permitting we will be returning in the very near future


ronrhoda, 6 May 2017, TripAdvisor
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