Τhe breakfast is better described as a culinary escape than an actual meal.

The hotel is total boutique and very much unique- each element and piece of decor is curated and the building itself is a crossover...

...of old school meets sleek, modern. Its not a lux "5 star chain"... it's a small, intimate "6 star" experience. The staff is uber kind and attentive; and the location is unreal- being the only hotel in Old Town which permit taxis can enter and access directly to the door of hotel.

The rooms are quirky but in a romantic, captivating way. While there is no elevator, the few lobby to room stairs (maybe 12 with a landing midway) are uneventful. The linens are lovely, the towels are soft and the "extras" of complimentary waters, candy, and snacks override the stairs. (THERE ARE rooms without these stairs too).

Each morning, we were greeted to breakfast in the garden - better described as a culinary escape then an actual meal. Angela's baking skills score significant, rave reviews. By the third "course", I was wishing I had brought elastic expandable pants. We joked that post stay here should include a month or even two to Weight Watchers. Angela's presentations of sprigs, sprinkles and other "elements of beauty" inspire me to do better going forward- not just spoon food onto a plate.

Nikos is the ultimate Renaissance Man. He is brilliant and capable. We implicitly trusted him and with good cause. His recommendations were perfect. He was so easy to work with and offered alternative ideas on how to make our plans more robust and tighter.

Each night , after a late return, we were greeted with a note which read: "drinks waiting for you ".... a gorgeous bar enticing us to sit for a nightcap. The homemade (of course) Limoncello represents the hotel- PERFECT!

This is the REAL DEAL. We were sad to depart and can't wait to return.

JustJulieNYC, 5 Jun 2017, TripAdvisor
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